Rent an Office for a Day in Gilbert, AZ: Your Flexible Workspace Solution

Rent an Office for a Day in Gilbert, AZ

Your Flexible Workspace Solution

If you find yourself in Gilbert, Arizona for a few hours, an entire day, a whole week, or simply need a temporary home base for business activities, look no further than The Works – Gilbert. You now have the option to rent an office for a day in Gilbert, AZ, providing you with the perfect spot to make calls, meet clients, conduct interviews, or work independently.

Imagine the convenience of an Airbnb, but for offices. The Works – Gilbert offers a flexible office space for rent, conveniently located in Gilbert, just 2 miles west of Mesa Gateway Airport. 

Booking an office for a day at The Works – Gilbert is a straightforward process that offers you the flexibility and peace of mind you need. Payment for the entire stay is required in advance, and cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the start of your reservation. The definition of a “day” at The Works – Gilbert is from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, although we can often accommodate extensions beyond 4:30 pm if needed.

Whether you need the office space for a day, a week, or even longer, The Works – Gilbert is ready to accommodate you. However, please note that multi-day discounts do not apply to day-office rentals. If you need the office space during weekends, holidays, or off-hours, The Works – Gilbert can often make arrangements for such bookings. Contact us before making your reservation to ensure availability during those times.


Day Office at The Works - Gilbert

Office for a Day in Gilbert, AZ includes:

  • Transparent pricing and free of hidden fees. You will only be charged for the amount of time you book, along with any time extensions you may request
  • Neutral decor of the Day Office fits well with most industries. Whether you work in healthcare, therapy, interviews, tech, education, film/photoshoots, or private work sessions, the Day Office provides a professional and distraction-free environment to help you focus and be productive throughout your day
  • Onsite staff available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Day office rental does not include access to the conference rooms. However, if you prefer to work from a conference room instead of the day office, you can easily check availability and book one separately to meet your specific needs
  • Pets are not permitted in their office spaces
    Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the day office area

Office for a Day in Gilbert includes coffee, printing, drinking water, and free parking

When you rent an Office for a Day in Gilbert at The Works, you’ll have access to a range of amenities that enhance your workspace experience. These include access to printers, scanners, and photocopiers, onsite staff available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, complimentary coffee, tea, and water, phone booths for private calls or short video conferences, acoustic, sound-absorbing wall tiles for added privacy, secure Wi-Fi connectivity, free parking on both sides of the building, and the option to bring your laptop and connect it to an external monitor for increased productivity.

short term office space rental gilbert az

Unsure whether you need the Day Office, a Conference Room, or a Day Pass? The Works – Gilbert has made it easier for you to decide

You’ll want to opt for the Day Office if you prefer working alone without the need for a flat panel screen or a dry erase board for presenting. The Day Office is also suitable for one-on-one meetings or a series of interviews throughout the day, offering the privacy of a locking door.

If you need to meet and/or present to multiple people, utilize a dry erase board, or have a meeting with 3-10 people simultaneously, a conference room would be the ideal choice.

And lastly, our Day Passes are perfect for anyone who needs to get some work done without needing an entire office. You’ll select any available standing desk when you arrive, login to out fast/secure Wifi, and get stuff done. The call booths (based on availability), coffee, and tea are always on us.

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