When Kids Are Home for Summer Break – “I’m bored!”

When Kids Are Home for Summer Break

The Great Work-From-Home Summer Circus

When Kids Are Home for Summer Break - no work gets done

Ah, summer. The season of sunshine, barbecues, and… utter chaos for those of us working from home with school-aged children. If you think balancing Zoom meetings and project deadlines is tough, try adding a soundtrack of sibling squabbles, the constant plea for snacks, and the ceaseless cry of “I’m bored!” into the mix. Welcome to the great work-from-home summer circus (or crisis depending on how things are going at your place), where you’re the ringmaster, and every day is a new act of balancing work and family life.

The Morning Routine: A Comedy of Errors

The day begins with an alarm clock that might as well be a klaxon signaling the start of a military operation. You tiptoe out of bed, praying your movement doesn’t wake the sleeping beasts… I mean, your darling children. The goal is to get at least one solid hour of work in before they awaken and the madness begins.

But like clockwork, as soon as you start your first Zoom call, a tiny voice pipes up, “Mom! Can I have breakfast?” This is quickly followed by a chorus of requests for everything from pancakes to elaborate smoothies. Forget a peaceful morning; it’s a mad dash to whip up something edible while still keeping one ear on your call and one eye on your email.

When Kids Are Home for Summer Break - Brace Yourselves


The Great Snack Dilemma when kids are home for Summer Break

After breakfast comes the never-ending snack marathon. Children, it seems, have an innate ability to feel famished precisely when you’re deep into a crucial task. The kitchen becomes a revolving door of snack seekers. You’ve stocked up on healthy options, but they’re inevitably drawn to the junk food, leading to endless negotiations that would make a diplomat proud.

“Can I have a cookie?”
“How about an apple?”
“Cookies are made with apples, right?” Snack time quickly devolves into a battle of wits and wills, leaving you wondering if you should have added “professional negotiator” to your LinkedIn profile.Zoom Meetings and Background Noise

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of trying to appear professional on a video call while chaos reigns in the background. You’ve strategically placed your laptop to avoid showing the disaster zone that is your living room, but the audio is another story. Just as you’re about to make a key point, a scream echoes through the house, followed by the unmistakable sound of something breaking. When kids are home for summer break, and you have work to do, all bets are off.

You’ve mastered the art of the mute button, but there’s no hiding the wide-eyed look of panic that flashes across your face. Your colleagues are understanding—most of them are in the same boat—but that doesn’t make it any less stressful. You silently curse every animated character who decided to make summer vacation look like a never-ending party.

When Kids Are Home for Summer Break - Teacher

The Boredom Factor

When school is in session, your kids have a structured day filled with learning and activities. but when kids are home for Summer Break, you are their cruise director, tasked with filling every hour of their day with entertainment. And heaven help you if they utter those dreaded words: “I’m bored.”

You’ve tried everything: crafts, games, outdoor activities. But their attention spans are shorter than a TikTok video. You find yourself Googling “summer activities for kids” at 2 a.m., only to realize that most of these activities require more time, effort, and patience than you possess. Plus, who has 36 mason jars for that DIY craft project?

When all else fails, perhaps the “Can we go fight the neighbors” prank can inject some excitement into summer break.

The Guilt Trip

Despite your best efforts, there’s an underlying current of guilt. You want to be there for your kids, to make their summer fun and memorable. But you also have deadlines, responsibilities, and a boss who probably doesn’t appreciate being interrupted by the theme song of Paw Patrol. The balancing act feels impossible, and you’re constantly worried you’re falling short on both fronts.

But here’s the thing: you’re doing your best. Your kids might remember the summer as the time Mom or Dad was always working, but they’ll also remember the moments you carved out for them. The impromptu water balloon fights, the Slip and Slide you setup in yard, the messy art projects, the movie marathons. And let’s be honest, they’ll probably remember how many cookies they managed to sneak, too.

The Safety Net

Apparently there is this place over at the Northeast Corner of Ray and Higley Roads called “The Works – Gilbert” 😀.  Every May or June, when kids are home for Summer Break, parents show up asking for help.

  • Help, I don’t want to lose my job because I can’t get any work done at home over the summer
  • Help, I can’t think straight
  • Help, I feel like a castaway from my own home
  • You don’t know what’s it’s like at my house 😩

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