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The work week of the future for 2022 and beyond

What will the work week of the future look like?

Testing the waters of a Hybrid or Remote Workplace

Regardless of your answer above, the single best way to see if coworking fits into your life is to spend a day with us. A Day Pass gives you an entire day to get stuff done. Coffee, blazing fast internet, printing, private phone booths for phone calls and Zoom Meetings…….and no commitment. If 2022 is the year that you make changes to your workplace, come over for a visit.

We’re right here at the Northeast Corner of Higley and Ray roads with plenty of free parking.

Is a four-day week the future of work?

So we asked for your opinion on the work week of the future for 2022 and beyond. But maybe you don’t care where you perform your work. Maybe your ideal work situation is a 4-day workweek. If that’s the case, a push for a 4-day work week in the US is gaining momentum, thanks in part to Representative Mark Takano of California. He has proposed a bill that would reduce the standard workweek by eight hours.
And our European friends are looking at a 4-day work week as well. Belgium and Spain are leading the way.

Here’s a list of companies who’ve already adopted a 4-day workweek.




And for something more “Now”, what are you expecting from 2022?

We know that we’re well into 2022, but you can still answer. What say ye?

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