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You can run, but you can’t hide

You can run, but you can’t hide
Summer 2022 Edition

School is out for the summer. “How awesome!” Said no parent working from home in June, July, or August, ever.

You’re no longer commuting to that office park in Phoenix or Tempe.  Sometimes you now work in your gym outfit or pajamas. You’ve been able to deal with a few minor distractions…….like the dog for some reason needs to go out 8 times a day (how did it survive when the house was empty for 9 hours a day pre-COVID?). Your Amazon deliveries always ring the doorbell when you’re in the middle of a Zoom presentation, setting off the dark barking, again.  But still, you persevere. These are minor distractions. And you can deal with them.

The Toddler Enters the picture
Summer 2022

But surely you can trick the Toddler into thinking you aren’t really working behind closed doors in the den or extra bedroom that you converted into an office.

“Mom’s not home sweetie.” or “Dad had to go out for a little while”.  That always works, right?

It doesn’t work. They can hear you talking on the phone. So you’ll just talk a little lower. That has to work, right?

It doesn’t work. They can still hear you. So you’ll just use chat and email, instead of talking on the phone. Problem solved, right?

Still, it doesn’t work. They can smell you. Really, they can smell you on the other side of that door. You can’t escape. You see, a Toddler’s sense of hearing and smell are pretty strong.

This is going to affect your productivity, and possibly sideline your career.

You can run, but you can't hide - Summer 2022 Edition

Are you being a “Bad” parent if you feel the need to earn a living without some of life’s distractions?

There is only one answer to this question – NO.

With that, we’re tossing “Working Mom or Dad” a lifeline. A membership to The Works is not only an easy way to inject productivity back into your life, but it’s not a long-term commitment.  Really.

Our memberships are month-to-month, like a gym membership. 30 days’ notice is all that’s required to end your membership. Although we’d love for our members to stay with us permanently, we know that sometimes we’re a temporary reprieve from temporary life situations. So whether you need an escape for a few days a week, or a few months over the summer, we got your back.

Our members say it best:

“I like that I’m not at the old office, but I love that I’m not at home”
“I like working near my home, but not IN my home”
“Who thought I could get so much done, 1/2 mile from my home”
“My work-related stress in now – Should I have a second cup of coffee or not?, not sitting in traffic for an hour and a half”
“My clients don’t even know that The Works isn’t actually my real office”
“I got tired of telling to my clients that the address on my business card is my house, please don’t “drop in” to say hello while I’m in my gym shorts and sneakers”
“No more of those awkward looks that I was getting from the Baristas at the coffee shop. “Are you still here? You were here when I started my shift, you are still here when my shift is ending.”
Summer 2022 is going to be tough on me if I can’t get anything done”
“I thought working from home was going to be great”

How can we help you Make Summer 2022 a success?

Stop in for an impromptu tour, or schedule one (Monday – Friday between 9 am and 4 pm is best for us) and see what goes on over here at the Northeast Corner of Higley and Ray Roads in Gilbert, AZ.

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