HalfStack Phoenix returns to Gilbert on February 2, 2024

HalfStack Phoenix returns to Gilbert on February 2, 2024

HalfStack PHOENIX 2024

Update: There will be a raffle for an Apple Vision Pro


What is HalfStack?

HalfStack is a series of creative celebrations of JavaScript and web technologies held in various cities around the world including London, Vienna, and New York. The organizer of HalfStack is based in Gilbert, and is part of the The Works community.
HalfStack Phoenix https://halfstackconf.com/phoenix is on February 2, 2024 at the Majestic Theater in Gilbert!

The day includes 8-10 sessions, lunch, dinner, beverages, swag, various games and contests, a retro-tech movie, and karaoke. The event is extremely laid back, with no vendor pitches, just a pure celebration of what we can create with the web platform and stories around it. Expect to get inspired and have fun.

Videos from past HalfStack events

and more……

Can minors interested in coding attend HalfStack Phoenix?

Children under 18 years old interested in development and coding are welcome, but should be accompanied by an adult. The afterparty movie is rated R (the second Matrix movie). Tech speakers may occasionally use swear words. The event has a solid code of conduct to make everyone feel safe and welcome.

HalfStack Phoenix Schedule

HalfStack starts around 10am, includes approximately 10 sessions, breaks, lunch, dinner, and the JS Pub Quiz afterparty. Plan to arrive between 9:00-9:45am and stay late!

View the full attendee information packet once you have your ticket.

See the full list of sessions. HalfStack doesn’t announce the exact order in advance.

Special HalfStack Phoenix offer for members of The Works – Gilbert

Tickets are normally priced $275.

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