$29 Day Passes - Monday thru Friday (8:30am - 4:30pm)

Membership Pricing

For those who will be working with us for more than a month. Call or stop by to enroll in a Coworking Membership at The Works

Unlimited Standard

  • Includes 24/7 Access to The Works
  • Does Not include Conference Rooms*
  • Includes Call Booths
  • Coffee / Tea / Water / Printing / Scanning

$229 / Month

Dedicated Desk

  • 24/7 Access to The Works
  • Includes 8 hrs of Conference Room Bookings per month (a $295 value)**
  • Includes Calls Booths
  • Coffee / Tea / Water / Printing / Scanning
  • Your own desk

$375 /month

Unlimited Lite

  • Use The Works during business Hours (M-F 830am - 430pm)
  • Does Not include Conference Rooms*
  • Includes Call Booths
  • Coffee/Tea/Water/Printing/Scanning

$199 / Month

Unlimited Plus

  • Includes 24/7 Access to The Works
  • Includes 8 hrs of Conference Room Bookings per month (a $295 value)**
  • Includes Call Booths
  • Coffee / Tea / Water / Printing / Scanning

$350 / Month

Virtual Office

  • Get a Professional Business Address
  • Let The Works manage your mail
  • Receive text notifications when mail and packages arrive
  • Does not include Conference Rooms*

$45 / Month

Call for more information

* This plan does not include conference rooms, they can however be booked as needed from within our Optix App, or from our Booking Page.
** 8 hours Conference Room usage per month. Hours do not carry over and reset the 1st of every month. Conference Room access based on availability - Check Availability from our Conference Room Calendar Page, or from our Optix App. 

Membership Pricing subject to change.

Non-Membership Options

Use The Works on your terms, without a monthly membership

1-Day Pass

  • Use The Works for 1 Day (M-F 830am - 430pm)
  • Call Booths / Coffee / Tea / Water
  • Printing / Scanning
  • No Membership Required - Book Online or Stop in

$29 / Person per Day

5-Day Pass

  • Use The Works for 5 Days in 30 Calendar Days (M-F 830am - 430pm)
  • Call Booths / Coffee / Tea / Water
  • No Membership Required
  • Not Transferable

$99 /month

Day Office

  • Your own office for a day, or a few hours
  • Coffee / Tea / Water / Printing/ Scanning
  • No Membership Required
  • White Noise Machine available
  • Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

$129 / Day

What is the Cancelation Policy for Monthly Memberships?

To cancel an active membership, we require 30-days notice (similar to many gym memberships). The cancelation policy is detailed in our Membership Agreement.

5-Day Passes, Day Passes, and Day Office Bookings do not have a cancelation policy (or a membership agreement) as they are booked for a defined period of time.

I see that the "Unlimited Plus" and "Dedicated Desk" plans allow for 8 hours of Conference room usage every month. Does that mean I can work in a Conference Room once every month?

Although we encourage our members to use all of the amenities included in their membership plans. It's important to know that Conference rooms are to be used for in-person meetings with multiple people (Customers, Clients, Colleagues, etc).

Individual members are restricted from using conference rooms by themselves.

For Zoom meetings and conference calls, we recommend the Call Booths for comfort and privacy.

In regard to the phone booths, are reservations required? Is there a time limit?

At this time, reservations are not required to use the phone booths (aka call booths). They are first come - first serve.

If it is important that a phone booth be available to you for a certain day and time, we can informally "reserve" or place a booth on hold for you. Just let us know.

We don't have a time limit on phone booths.

I work evenings and/or weekends, can I still use the works during "off hours"?

Yes, many of our memberships allow for 24/7 access to accommodate our members who work non-traditional hours. See details above for memberships that include 24/7 access.

Can two people split a membership?

Membership Pricing is based on individual members.  We have options for small teams who only need occasional access to The Works.

I want to Reserve a Conference Room, but I don't want to become a full-time member. How do I do that?

You can book a Conference Room from our Booking Page.

Our Conference Rooms, Day Office, and Day Passes are available to the public.

Some options allow for daily access until 4:30pm, does that mean I must leave at 4:30pm when I am at The Works?

Although staff leaves at 4:30 pm Monday-Friday, our members can opt to stay later.

Are there any additional fees in addition to Monthly Membership Pricing?

No. There are no additional charges. No "Account Creation Fee", no charge for printing, no charge for using Call Booths.

Hidden fees would run counter to our mission to arm our members with the resources to be productive.

What if I use 1 or 2 days worth of a 5-day Pass, then realize I want to become a full-time member?

First, that's great! 

Second, we can always credit any prepaid dollars that you've spent on a 5-day Pass towards a monthly membership in one of our Unlimited Plans, Dedicated Desk, or Private Office.

I'll be town for a month, what is my best option?

Let's talk. Together we'll figure out the best option for you. 

I work in health care and need to meet with patients from time to time. What option is best for me?

We've had healthcare professionals use the Day Office or the smaller Conference Room (The Ray Room) to meet one-on-one with patients.  

If you're doing tele-health appointments, the call booths are perfect for telehealth calls. 

Membership Pricing

Membership Pricing - "Membership by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free"

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