Zenbooth Solo Is Here (2023)

Zenbooth is Here

In response to the growing demand for private communication spaces, The Works – Gilbert is excited to announce the upcoming installation of the Zenbooth Solo.

This state-of-the-art soundproof booth is set to enhance the way our members conduct phone calls, Zoom meetings, and podcasting sessions.

Addressing the Uptick in Call Booth Usage:

The installation of the Zenbooth Solo is a direct response to this growing trend, ensuring that our members have access to a reliable and comfortable space for their important conversations.

Enhancing Privacy and Focus:

Privacy and focus are paramount when it comes to important conversations or sensitive work matters. The Zenbooth Solo provides a secure and private environment, shielding you from external noise and distractions. Its soundproofing technology ensures that your conversations remain confidential, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without interruptions. When you step into the Zenbooth Solo, you’ll experience a heightened level of concentration and productivity.

We’re expecting this addition to be an invaluable addition to The Works. Whether you need a quiet space for confidential phone calls, a professional backdrop for virtual meetings, or a dedicated area for podcasting, this versatile booth has you covered.

How Soundproof is the Zenbooth Solo?

Zenbooths effectively reduce both internal and external noise levels by approximately 30 decibels, providing a significant reduction in sound. It is important to note that while Zenbooths, along with other privacy pod brands, are not completely soundproof, this is intentional for safety and emergency purposes. It is crucial to maintain the ability to hear important alerts such as fire alarms while inside a booth.

Nevertheless, dedicated design and engineering teams have meticulously optimized the acoustic performance of Zenbooths. This ensures that conversations held within the booths remain private and cannot be overheard from the outside, and vice versa. To further enhance the sound dampening capabilities of our booths, there are special hinges that facilitate automatic door closure.

Additionally, magnets integrated into the door frame ensure a secure seal, maximizing the effectiveness of sound reduction. As soon as you step inside, you will immediately notice the serene and quiet environment that awaits you.

Creating a Professional Environment:

The Zenbooth Solo seamlessly integrates into our coworking space, maintaining the high standards we set for our community. Its sleek design and customizable options allow you to personalize the booth to align with your personal style or brand identity. We are committed to providing an environment that not only supports your work but also enhances your professional image.

By addressing the uptick in call booth usage and providing a dedicated space for phone calls, Zoom meetings, and podcasting, we’re looking to relieve congestion. We invite you to experience the benefits of the Zenbooth Solo firsthand and embrace a new era of seamless communication and productivity at The Works – Gilbert. Get ready to elevate your work experience with this innovative addition to our coworking community.

Who is Zenbooth, the company?

Founded in 2016, Zenbooth designs and manufactures all of its products in Berkeley, California. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality possible, while continuously striving to minimize its environmental impact. Zenbooth takes great care to incorporate as many recycled materials and FSC engineered wood products as possible in the production of its offerings.

What is the Zenbooth Solo?

Bright and Spacious

Skylight ceiling & full profile doors flood our booths with natural light so you never feel claustrophobic. Coming Soon to The Works - Spacious Zenbooth Solo

Optimized Acoustic Experience

Layers of sustainable acoustic insulation and felt panels dampen sound and enable private conversations. Zenbooth Solo acoustics

Powerful Ventilation

High-powered motion-activated fans keep you cool and cycle fresh air into the booth once every minute.

Zenbooth Solo ventilation

Eco-Friendly by Design

Handcrafted with locally-sourced wood and renewable materials that give your office a more natural aesthetic. As part of Zenbooth’s commitment to environmental responsibility, they’ve partnered with OneTreePlanted to plant a tree every time someone orders a Zenbooth.

Zenbooth Solo in coworking space

Quiet Speaks Volumes

The Zenbooth engineering teams have optimized the acoustic performance of the booths to dampen noise so that conversations inside of the booths cannot be heard outside and vice versa.

Desk height control in Zenbooth Solo

Stationary or Adjustable Desk

The Zenbooth Solo comes standard with our stationary seated desk or an optional upgrade to the industry’s only electric height-adjustable desk that allows you to easily change positions for improved ergonomics. The fixed desk height is approximately 40″ off the floor, while the range of the adjustable desk is 29″ to 55″ off the floor to allow for either seated or standing work. Both the adjustable and stationary desk are the same size of 30″ long, with a width of 10.2″ nearest the door and 16.75″ wide nearest the back wall.

Plenty of Outlets 🔌 with Plug-and-Play Electrical ⚡️

Zenbooth Power Strip

Dimmable Lighting 🔆

Integrated dimmable LED lighting activated by occupancy sensor so you never waste power when unoccupied
Dimmable lighting in Zenbooth Solo

When will the Zenbooth be available at The Works?

We’re being told to expect a ~3 week delivery, so Late October 2023 sounds like a possible delivery window.

Where will the new booth be located?

We’ve identified 3 possible locations for the new booth. The preferred location is at the end of the existing call booths near Office 7 and 8.

We’ll install it there, then for safety and ADA compliance, take a look at the outward door swing (we don’t want a blind corner where someone walking by gets hit with the door).

One of the reasons we selected this model (there are a lot manufacturers of these privacy booths), is due to the dimensions. Booths only a few inches wider wouldn’t work for us.

Will the Booth be available to everyone?

We are working out the accessibility details at the moment.

For the first month or so, we’ll make the booth available to all members. After the 1st month we’re likely to go to a booking system where non-members can book a day pass from us with the option of reserving the Zenbooth for a certain time period.

This isn’t set in stone, but the initial draft of the Zenbooth usage policy may end up similar to this:

  • Some of our existing membership plans will have a monthly allotment of hours for the Booth.
  • The booth will have a booking calendar, similar to the conference rooms, so members and non-members can check availability and book
  • For members who’ve exhausted any monthly hours they have in their membership plan, there will be a way to book at a low hourly rate (less than a cup of Starbucks Coffee per hour)
  • Non-members who book a Day Pass with us will also be able to book time in the booth

Does the booth have frosted glass for privacy, like the 3 existing privacy booths?

Surprisingly no.  This seems to be the norm for the booths, we looked at many booths from different manufacturers, an none had frosted glass (even as an add-on option).

Most manufacturers recommend that we apply our own frosted glass, which is what we’re likely to do. (see the glass wall on the Higley Room for an example of the applied frost)

We’re thinking that we’ll frost most of the glass, leaving a small section at the bottom clear. That way the member using the booth isn’t making awkward eye contact with others outside of the booth……but those outside can still see a little movement at the bottom of the glass indicating that the booth is occupied.

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