The Works is a Coworking Space located in Gilbert, AZ at the Northeast Corner of Higley and Ray Roads. Our purpose is to support businesses by making available to them comfortable working spaces, fast internet, good coffee, private phone booths, and conference rooms.

Think of us as a business incubator where startups can have room to grow without the overhead of long-term leases. Others consider us a business center where they can meet with their clients and coworkers at a location other than the local coffee shop or their home office.  Both descriptions are accurate.

Some of our members grew their businesses to a size that required them to leave their home office. When a potential client Googles your business address and finds a residential home, they may form an opinion (valid or not), that this isn't a "real business". 

Some members work at The Works because they simply need to get things done. The home office environment doesn't work for everyone.  The distractions associated with a home office can stifle productivity levels.

Some of our membership plans include 24/7 Access to The Works. So whether you work very early, very late, or on the weekends, we have you covered.

Non-members of The Works may book either of our 2 conference rooms directly from our website. 

Conference Room Capacities

The Higley Room - Although the Higley room has seating for up to 10 people, 8 people is the unofficial maximum for comfort. 8 people would all be able to set up laptops with Wifi access and work comfortably. Large screen television allows for presentations. Whiteboards on North and South walls of the Higley Room.

The Ray Room - This room lends itself to smaller meetings with a maximum of 4 people. Typical use-cases are interviews, depositions, testing, attorney/client meetings, CPA/client meetings, and study sessions. This room also has a television for presentations.

Weekends and After Hours - If you haven't booked a Conference Room with us before, we'll need to meet you prior to using our conference rooms on weekends or after hours. Since you'd be using the space without staff members present, you'll need to know a few things to make your meeting successful. 

How to request an after-hours meeting Room Reservation 

1) Create an account to request an after hours meeting room.
2) Then request an after-hours reservation for the Ray Room or the Higley Room.

Full-time members - Some of our active members have access to our conference rooms as part of their membership plan at no charge.

Questions? Give us a call or come in for a quick tour of The Works. (480) 788-2296

The Works provides a dedicated fiber optic internet connection to our members. Members can stream music, conduct video conference calls, make wifi phone calls, all without interruption.

We don't share bandwidth with neighboring businesses. 

Active members can receive mail at The Works at no charge. "Active members" are those who are on a current 5-day Plan, Unlimited Plan, Dedicated Desk Plan, or in one of our Private Offices.

For those who aren't active members, but still want to receive mail at The Works we offer a Virtual Mail membership.  This allows you to use the business address of The Works as their local business address.

We will accept your Google Verification Postcard and relay it to you so you can confirm your office location with Google.

We will accept packages for you and notify you when they arrive.

We will scan, forward, or shred mail at your discretion.

The Works offers the following membership plans:

Private Offices - When available, our typical private offices are intended for 1, 2, or 3 people.  Some, but not all of our private offices are turnkey with desks and chairs. We often have a wait-list for private offices.

Dedicated Desks -
For those who don't need a private office, but still want a desk to call their own. These members leave their monitors, sometimes a file cabinet, and all the trinkets that make the desk their home base.

Unlimited -
For those who want the freedom to come in any time and sit anywhere (except for someone's dedicated desk)

5-day Pass -
For those who need to escape the home office 5 days per month.

Day Passes - For those who need to work at The Works for a few hours or an entire day. No membership involved. Just book your day pass, show up and get stuff done. The perfect escape from temporary distractions at home like construction projects, multiple friends/family members visiting, or an internet outage.

Virtual Mail - Sometimes referred to as a Virtual Office ro digital mail. This membership allows you to use the business address of The Works as your local business address.

We will accept your Google Verification Postcard and notify you so you can confirm your office location with Google for your "Google my Business" page.

We'll accept deliveries for you (Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm) and notify you when they arrive.

Our members are diverse in the type of work they perform. 

Some of our members work in the following fields:

  • Sales (Tech and otherwise)
  • Law (Attorneys)
  • Test Preparation (High School Students preparing for the ACT/SAT tests)
  • Software (Developers and Project Managers)
  • Architects
  • eCommerce Businesses (Amazon, eBay, Etsy)
  • Corporate Health
  • Personal Training
  • Dietitian
  • Construction
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Medical Billing

Would your business be a good fit for The Works?  Let's talk.

Sometimes the atmosphere is tranquil. Sometimes it’s bustling. Members who need privacy can always slip into one of our private phone booths to make that important phone call, record a podcast episode, or produce their next social media post.

For non-members looking to escape distractions from home (even for just a few hours) can book a day pass and use one of our phone booths. We see TeleMed professionals shuffling in from time to time to conduct telephone appointments with patients.

The foot traffic within our shared office space changes from hour to hour, day to day.

Memberships to The Works are month-to-month. We require 30-days notice to terminate your membership (similar to most gym memberships).

We have options for occasional use of The Works as well:

Day Passes enable you to work with us for a day or a few hours without having an active membership.  A Day Pass is a great way to get a feel for what it's like to work with us without committing to a membership.

5-day Passes - Work with us for 5-days within 30 calendar days.

Conference Rooms - For those who only need to use a conference room for a few hours or the entire day, you can check availability and reserve your conference room here.

We have plenty of free parking on both sides of our building.

You may even run into "Doug" while you are parking.  Doug is our resident Roadrunner. He regularly patrols the parking lots looking for bugs and small lizards. And if you were wondering if Roadrunners can fly, Doug answers that question by flying about 6 inches above the curbing at the end of the video.

Doug the Roadrunner at The Works - Gilbert

Yes and No. Yes in regard to The Works and WeWork both being Coworking spaces.  No for other reasons.  Read more about The Works and WeWork Space here...

Yes. We have a bike rack near our front entrance.

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