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The Works – Gilbert Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

January 8, 2019

The Works – Gilbert, in collaboration with the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on January 8, 2019. The event was a huge success, attended by chamber members, town officials, local business owners, family and friends. After the ceremony the attendees had the opportunity to sit and relax and enjoy lunch.

Tours of the facility at The Works included visits to the conference rooms, private office space, phone booths, community kitchen, and open seating areas were given during the event.  Many of our guests were new to the concept of coworking space.  The concept of coworking was new and exciting for many of the attendees. Our takeaway from the even was that small business is alive and well in Gilbert, AZ

Ribbon cutting ceremonies are notorious for providing lots of networking opportunities and this event did not disappoint. If you can get your city Mayor to attend even better! Plus, it’s a fun event! Who knew?

Have you been thinking about doing a ribbon cutting but not sure of the benefits? Here are some reasons why you may want to plan one in the future. According to ceremonialsupplies.comCreating an outstanding first impression is very important for any business; as they say, “a first impression is the last impression.” So how can your new business create a good first impression? How do you scream “We’re officially open for business!” A Grand Opening with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony can be your ticket to a successful introduction of an up-and-coming venture. This promotional event should be a vital component of the advertising and marketing strategies for any new business. Think of it as a step forward in developing a PR campaign to help shape your business’ image in the eyes of the public. The ribbon cutting ceremony signifies a new beginning and helps you show the public the human side of your organization.

A side benefit of a Grand Opening Ceremony is the opportunity to network and connect with business leaders from your at the top of your community. These interactions can provide you with a platform to generate potential leads to boost the sales of your business. We all want new business right?

A ribbon cutting is a great tool in marketing your business and can definitely help with referrals and set the stage for your first critical year in business.