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Beyond the traditional uses of Coworking Spaces

Beyond the traditional uses of Coworking Spaces

People often view a coworking space as a location with a collection of offices, open seating, dedicated desks, conference rooms, and phone booths. Overlooked in the traditional view of coworking spaces are the non-traditional uses.

Many co-working spaces are versatile and can be used for reasons other than the uses listed above. Why not plan a birthday celebration for your kids or family members? A cake decorating class? Why not?

Read on to see some of the less-obvious uses of co-working spaces

Meetup Groups looking for a venue to hold their meetings. Meetup groups that typically meet indoors such as programming groups, marketing groups, and recovery groups.

Book Clubs in need of something more private than the local coffee shop or library

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Wedding Rehearsals to avoid the often expensive use of a wedding facility. Let’s face it, weddings are big business (and costly). Why spends thousands on the rehearsal? Use that money for your honeymoon! Hawaii here we come!

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Church Groups – Sundays are typically slow in most coworking spaces. Queue up the church groups!

Pinball Tournaments – on the weekend when the coworking spaces have easy 1st floor access to move machines in and out for a weekend tournament

Video Shoots particularly if the coworking spaces have access to a green screen and are decorated nicely.

Cake Decorating Classes – if you have a good-sized kitchen and plenty of counter space, this can be an attractive option for you

Yoga Classes

Meeting with your CPA – Maybe your CPA works from their home office? The two of you can meet in a small conference room in a coworking space to find out just how large your refund will be. And if you end up owing a lot of money to the government, there’s a chance that a therapist and/or financial planner may also be using the same co-working space…..so there, you’re covered. 🙂

MDs, Nurse Practitioners, NMD – most coworking spaces, although typically a communal type of experience can also allow for privacy. Enough of it to be HIPAA compliant.

Things to consider

Is your coworking space really slow on the weekends? If not A Pinball tournament would make some noise, exciting noise……but noise nonetheless. This could be a HUGE turnoff for you members. Tread lightly with noisy events with your members present.

Do you have enough open space for exercise-focused events? Yoga class attendees might not want to do the Downward Dog next to a printer. Consider just how much open space you have for this type of event.

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Is your entire space carpeted? If so, cake decorating may not be for you. Imagine icing being smashed into the carpet.Messages Image1198150897


Video Shoots – Lighting, sound, and more……check before you commit. Pay a visit before you commit. So much goes into good A/V. Try before you buy!

Lastly, if any of these non-traditional uses of Coworking Spaces sounds like you, give us a call at 480-788-2296

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