Dedicated Desks available – April 2022

Dedicated Desks available at The Works

Not sure how long they’ll last, but at the moment we have 2 Dedicated Desks available. Is your New Year’s resolution to get out of the home office and start getting stuff done? Contact us for details or stop in to see what goes on over here at The Works.

What is a dedicated desk at The Works?

The desk is yours, nobody else sits there. You equip your desk as you see fit. Dedicated desks offer private-desk membership without the higher cost of a private office.
Remember that none of our memberships are long-term. We’re month-to-month for those who need a temporary place to call “the office”.

Dedicated desks include Conference Room access, 24/7 access to The Works, printing, coffee, filtered water, a link and blurb about your business on our HomePage, and an environment where you can get things done.  The 24/7 access is a huge benefit for those who don’t work traditional Business hours. Need to start at 5 am? No Problem. Need to come in on a Sunday to prep for that presentation? No problem. 24/7 access is HUGE for our members who frown on access restrictions.

Some of our dedicated desk members use their own printers and scanners for privacy reasons, and that’s 100% fine with us. Contact us to stake your claim on a dedicated desk at The Works – Gilbert.

Are there any Dedicated Desks available right now?

The short answer is probably.  We’ve been known to turn open desks into dedicated desks if we have a new member who really likes a particular location in the space.

Mail – Can I get my mail at The Works?

Yes! With a dedicated desk, 1525 S. Higley Rd, Suite 104, Gilbert, AZ 85296 can become your business address. We’ll even accept (and sign for) packages and deliveries on your behalf between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm M-F if you aren’t in the office.

What about privacy for Dedicated Desks? Will everyone hear my phone calls and Zoom Meetings?

Can the other members hear all of my conversations? Many of our members make calls from their desks without concern for privacy. But when privacy is needed, they step into one of our comfortable call booths (aka phone booths). Call booths are almost always available and don’t require a reservation, and there are no time limits on our call booths. Step in, make yourself comfortable, make your call(s), and relax knowing that your conversation is private.  Claustrophobic? No worries, our call booths have enough room to sit, stand, and even stretch out a bit.

Private Call Room
Phone Booth

Are there any private offices available?

At the moment (as of April 5, 2021), all of our private offices are occupied by members. We have a waitlist for those who would like to be considered for a private office if/when one becomes available. Contact us to schedule a tour or to be placed on the waitlist for private offices.

The middle ground for those who need less frequent access to The Works – Gilbert

For those who need occasional access to The Works, we offer day passes, and conference room rentals. Reserve an entire day or a few hours of time at the Works. For those who reserve a Day Pass, it means you work with us and sit at any available seat for the duration of your booking. Drink coffee, print, enjoy blazing fast internet, and more. Same for conference rooms. Meet with your team for a few hours or the entire day. Book a conference room right from our home page.

So if 2022 is the year you shift your business into overdrive…..and you need to leave that home office, stop in for a tour to see if membership at The Works is right for you.

2 Dedicated Desks available

2 Dedicated Desks available

I don’t work in Tech, aren’t coworking spaces for programmers and salespeople?

Not at all. We’ve always had a diverse group of industries working with us. We’ve served Healthcare professionals, Educators, Real Estate pros, Amazon Sellers, Lawyers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, and of course Programmers and Software Engineers.

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