iPostal1 releases Updated Digital Mailbox

iPostal1 releases Updated Digital Mailbox

On November 28, 2022 iPostal1 released an update to the iPostal1 app for digital mail address services.

Some of the biggest changes to your ipostal1 digital mailbox solutions:

• All tasks are viewable at the top of the inbox & are only clickable when available
• 2 inbox tabs: mail & packages, faxes & voicemail messages for Virtual Office plans
• Drop down filter to sort items
• Account Settings: manage account profile information from your iPostal1 admin login, shipping addresses, payment methods, or bank information
• Customers with multiple mailboxes will notice that this applies to all mailboxes
• Mailbox Settings: plan information, auto-ship options & notification settings that apply to this mailbox location only

Here are a few more important updates:

• Easily update credit card information for your iPostal1 digital mailbox
• Contacts are labeled ‘shipping addresses’. To forward, shipping addresses must be validated
• Reports provide order totals for whatever time period selected & can download reports to a csv file
• Pricing details provided by item for pick up and for consolidation before shipping
• Support Center dropdown: Contact Us, Tutorials, Guides, FAQs, Knowledge Base, Do Not Ship List
• Live chat option on every page

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Questions about this update?

Contact iPostal1 Customer Assistance at 845-579-5770
Website: https://ipostal1.com/contact.php
Live ipostal1 chat for fastest service, visit your ipostal1 login and click the support button to submit a ticket.

Questions about Virtual Mail Options at The Works?

We have a plan for everyone. Find out more about our Virtual Office Memberships or check the differences between iPostal1 vs Anytime Mailbox.

Contact us at 480-788-2296 or

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