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Members Leveraging Members – The Expert in the Next Office

Members Leveraging Members – The Expert in the next office

One of the benefits of utilizing a coworking space is networking and gaining new business contacts. Do you need a Cake Decorator, a Nurse Practitioner, an Apparel Expert to help streamline your screen-printing business, or help preparing for the SAT or ACT? You may have an expert sitting across the room.

The Works – Gilbert member Tyler Minetto understands the importance of supporting other small businesses. He’s planning on earning an MBA. He must first take the GMAT to meet admission requirements for an MBA program. ultimately, his goal is to get admitted into a top 10 MBA program. He knows he needs to prepare for the exam. It just so happens that The Works Gilbert has a member company that tutors students on the ACT/SAT. Enter 36 by design and owner Brandon Lee. Brandon is a National Merit Scholar, so he certainly has the experience. With 2 offices in Arizona (1 within The Works), they’ve worked with over 1000 high school students and the numbers continue to grow.

Tyler will soon be working with Brandon and his team to prep for the test. “I couldn’t help but notice the steady stream of high school students coming into The Works to meet with 36 by Design. What was so important that students would spend their afternoon, evenings, and weekends meeting with the company in the corner office? I soon found out why they were coming in, and what was resulting from their time with Brandon and his team. Scholarships and better college entrance exam scores.”, said Tyler.

This is a great example of how coworking spaces can increase a company’s business within the coworking space. Another great plus is saving your valuable time. No need to search google for a needed service, driving to the business, utilizing valuable hours of your work day. Time is money so getting things done at your work space saves time and equates to money saved. We wish Tyler luck on the test, but with Brandon in his corner luck has nothing to do with it…

36 by Design
Brandon (middle in black shirt) of 36 by Design
Tyler Minetto
Tyler Minetto

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