Diversity in a Coworking Space

Embracing Diversity in a Coworking Space

It might not be what you think

Diversity in a Coworking Space

Given the recent past, you may be thinking that when we talk about embracing diversity we’re talking about race, gender, religion, etc.  And that’s partly true. When look around The Works on any weekday, we see it. It happened organically. We never really pushed for a certain makeup of our membership base. We didn’t know who would find us, who would feel comfortable enough to call The Works their business home, who would would feel like they belonged here. But deep down we hoped everyone would be represented over here at the Northeast Corner of Ray and Higley Roads in Gilbert, AZ. And it worked.

For the purposes of this post though, we’re talking about diversity of industries.

Thriving Industries in Gilbert, AZ’s Coworking Space

Gone are the days when coworking spaces were dominated by the tech industry. Over the past decade, coworking spaces have evolved into vibrant hubs that cater to professionals from a wide range of industries. At any given time, one can witness a multitude of activities taking place under the same roof, showcasing the thriving nature of small businesses in Gilbert and the Metro Phoenix East Valley.

A Shift from Tech Dominance

Just 10-15 years ago, coworking spaces were primarily filled with programmers and technical sales representatives. The tech industry’s rapid growth and need for flexible workspaces drove this trend. However, The Works is a prime example of how things have changed. Today, we embrace professionals from diverse industries, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment that fosters growth and success.

A Tapestry of Industries often leads to Diversity in a Coworking Space

Step into The Works, and you’ll be immersed in a bustling community of professionals from various sectors. There is a range of activities taking place under one roof. Let’s explore some of the industries represented (not a complete list by any stretch):

1. Accounting and Finance:

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) can be seen meeting with their clients, providing financial advice, and discussing tax strategies. The convenience of having a dedicated workspace allows them to serve their clients efficiently.
Accounting and Finance

2. Legal Services:

Attorneys utilize our space for a multitude of purposes. From engaging in depositions in the Ray Conference Room to toiling away in their offices, writing and responding to legal documents, they find a professional environment that supports their work.

Legal Services

3. Sales and Telemarketing:

Telemarketers and sales representatives are often found on the phone, helping businesses realize the benefits of the ERP Program and guiding them on how to claim their share of the program’s dollars. We provide them with a conducive environment to connect with potential clients and maximize their sales efforts.

Sales and Telemarketing

4. Healthcare:

Healthcare professionals, such as doctors and therapists, utilize our space to meet with clients, discuss treatment plans, and examine patient scans. The collaborative environment fosters innovation and knowledge sharing in the healthcare sector. Gone are the days of signing a long-term lease in that exclusive (ie expensive) suite over in the “Medical Village”.

Healthcare Professional working in a Coworking Space

5. Technology:

Programmers and software developers can be seen writing code, debugging applications, and collaborating on projects. The Works provides them with a supportive environment to enhance their skills and drive technological advancements. They, more than most, appreciate a fast/reliable internet connection. We have a dedicated optical line feeding our members the speed and reliability they require.

Software Engineer working in a Coworking Space

6. Education:

Students preparing for standardized tests, like the ACT and SAT, utilize our space to take practice exams and study. The quiet and focused atmosphere helps them achieve their academic goals and secure scholarships. Just ask our OG Members, 36 by Design.

Tutor with student in a coworking space

7. Startups:

Home-healthcare startups, like Freedom Home Health find our coworking space invaluable as they navigate the complex Medicare and healthcare systems. The supportive community and shared resources enable them to overcome challenges and thrive.

Startup Venture working in a coworking space

8. Financial Planning and Estate Law:

Financial planners and estate attorneys assist clients in planning for retirement and managing their assets. Our coworking space provides them with a professional setting to meet with clients and offer expert advice.

Financial Planning and Estate Law in coworking space

9. Digital Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants help clients optimize their websites and leverage social media platforms to enhance their online presence. The collaborative environment fosters creativity and innovation in the digital marketing field.

SEO Consultants in a coworking space

10. Insurance:

Insurance agents utilize our space to meet with clients, assess their needs, and provide tailored insurance solutions. The professional atmosphere enhances client trust and facilitates productive discussions.

Insurance agents in a coworking space

11. Human Resources:

Human resources representatives often conduct interviews and meet with potential new hires in our coworking space. The comfortable and professional environment helps create a positive impression and fosters effective communication.

Human Resources Interview in a coworking space

12. Construction:

Construction companies utilize our space to plan their schedules, submit bids for new contracts, and collaborate with architects and engineers. The coworking environment facilitates seamless coordination and project management.

Construction Projects Managers in a coworking space

Virtual Offices at The Works:

Let’s not forget about those who use Virtual Offices at The Works. These individuals and companies may perform their work elsewhere, such as from their home office, on the road, or even from a beach in Asia. However, they consider 1525 S Higley Rd, Suite 104, Gilbert, AZ 85296 their professional office address. Often times, when these Virtual Office Members need to meet in-person with their clients, they’ll opt to use a conference room at The Works instead of their kitchen table at home or a coffee shop.

Build it, and they will come – Thriving Together:

When you cater to working professionals, you cater to a huge swath of the population.  And when you cater to this huge swath of the population, social and cultural diversity happens organically. At least that what we’ve experienced since we opened in 2018.

And by embracing this diversity in a coworking space, we’ve brought together professionals from various industries, creating a vibrant community where small businesses can thrive. The exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences fosters innovation and growth, benefiting both individual businesses and the local economy. No longer limited to the tech industry, our shared workspace has become a hub of innovation and collaboration for professionals from a multitude of industries. And with the open door policy we have in place, we welcome individuals who prefer a quiet and focused environment to work without the distractions of a busy home life.

By providing a supportive and dynamic environment, we empower small businesses to succeed and contribute to the local business ecosystem. Witnessing firsthand the success of these small businesses is a testament to the power of diversity in our coworking space. It is through the inclusion of professionals from different backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise that we foster an environment where creativity flourishes and new opportunities arise.

Join us in embracing diversity in a coworking space and experience the potential for growth within our thriving coworking community.

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