How can coworking increase referrals to my business

How can coworking increase referrals to my business?

Using a coworking space as your business’ home base can be beneficial in growing your business without the burden of a costly lease or a soul-crushing commute to a downtown office. Everyone wants to work in a cubicle downtown, right?  Neither do we. So, how can coworking increase referrals to my business?

Use your extra cash and time to build your business.

Let’s say you’re a notary, you can utilize your time in your coworking space to market your business by simply leaving business cards. Sooner or later, everyone needs a notary, right?  You can also utilize the conference rooms to notarize documents. Then there is the reach of your fellow co-workers, it’s built-in networking. All coworking businesses have websites, ask the membership director to list your business web address on their website to gain more exposure. A little SEO can go a long way.

Your community also serves as a sounding board. If you aren’t creative, chances are someone within your space is. Find that person. Traditional and electronic marketing experts are out there. Find the right one and make great things happen.  

Never discount the power of a cold beer, glass of wine, or a cup of coffee with your coworking neighbors in the kitchen. You can brainstorm with other hardworking freelancers, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. You’ll share your war stories about the client that NEVER pays you on time, the new account that you just landed (that you worked months to land). You’ll discuss the challenge of deciding when to hire your first, second, third employee with someone who has recently done that. You’re surrounded by like-minded people. Their success will motivate you. Your success will motivate them. It’s then that you realize that you’re working in a gold mine.

Software DemonstrationSoftware Demonstration

The Demo with a built-in audience

The more active coworking spaces have events within the facilities that can help you market your business too. A demo day is a great way to market your business (and get honest input about your product or service from other members). Schedule a Lunch & Learn to showcase what you do. Technology Sale Rep? Perfect, you buy the pizza and drinks, set up a 30-minute demo, and invite every in. Got local customers and prospects? Invite them too. Solo attorney? Showcase your knowledge of Intellectual Property rights or the finer points of writing a non-disclosure agreement. You get the point.

So when do you start considering electronic means of getting referrals? Digital Marketing, Content Marketing (Search Engine Marketing), Sales automation, etc.  The obvious answer is Google and SEO, right? And it is, for sure. But what about next-level stuff like building and communicating with an ever-growing prospect and customer list? Walking the fine line between the occasional and the annoying contact methods with your contact database. You have many options.  Some of the more popular apps for communicating with your list(s) are:

In conclusion, working in a vibrant buzzing coworking community can have both short and long-term benefits as you grow your business.  Just don’t grow too big…….we don’t want to see you outgrow The Works!

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