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The Works Gilbert vs Coffee Shop

The Works Gilbert vs Coffee Shop

Let’s consider The Works Gilbert vs Coffee Shops. Working from a coffee shop isn’t a new concept. We’ve all done it or witnessed it. We’ve seen the salesperson who takes over the table for 4 so they can set up their laptop, iPad, headphones, and backpack. Then they’re making sales calls on their mobile phone……and everyone in the place can hear every single word they say. But is it the best working environment for you?

Spilled coffee on macbook at Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop: 

    • Charges for coffee. That’s how they make money. No surprise here
    • Is in business to sell coffee, sandwiches, and sweets
    • Is unlikely to have a quiet area for private meetings and phone calls. Quite the opposite. You can expect to be working right in the middle of some hustle and bustle
    • May not have a solid internet connection
    • Unlikely to give you access to their laser printer. I mean, you could always ask the barista to print a few copies of that contract you need to be printed, awkward
    • Will have baristas yelling out customer names when their drinks are ready
    • Will be running the blender and mixing up those coffee drinks and smoothies. And that will happen when you’re 3 seconds into leaving a voicemail for that account you’re trying to land
    • May not have convenient parking
    • Doesn’t have a shared office space vibe
    • Is unlikely to store your bags and luggage while you visit Gilbert, AZ.

The Works – Gilbert:

    • Doesn’t charge you for coffee. And our coffee is pretty darn good
    • Is in business to serve small local businesses and those looking to get work done with minimal distractions
    • Has quiet areas. Our phone booths are comfortable and private for those Zoom calls and web meetings. Our Phone booths don’t need to be reserved. They’re first come first serve and are almost always available
    • Has a fast and reliable Fiber Optic internet connection.
    • Has laser printing available to our members
    • We don’t operate loud/distracting equipment
    • Has convenient parking on the East and West sides of our building
    • Will store your bags while you are visiting Gilbert, AZ and surrounding areas
    • You’ll be surprised to learn how much you can get done in a few hours at The Works – Gilbert as opposed to a few hours at the coffee shop

Find out for yourself, book a day, an hour, or a conference room and see what happens over here at The Works. You may be surprised. You also get coffee, on us.


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